Today, Nimba lifts off for Conakry, Guinea for our first solar installation and information gathering endeavor on the ground in West Africa. Armed with donated solar equipment and the support of our donor community, Fronsy, Annie and renewable energy design engineer David Gibbs will arrive at Youssouf's compound, Bagatai, in Nongo, a quiet fishing area of Conakry, on Thursday, December 29th. There we'll spend 3 weeks conducting solar energy education workshops, installing our solar modules, conducting a site assessment at Bentrouyah (the eventual site for the Nimba Center) and conducting research in available resources, contacts, and to ascertain what the needs are and how we can best meet them. Concurrently with this trip is Youssouf Koumbassa's Annual Dance & Drum Workshop, where dancers from around the world come to practice Guinea dance at its source. Together we'll travel to various villages in western Guinea doing research, making connections, and, of course, dancing!
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