This just in from our friends in Guinea: thanks to donations from our community and a selfless boost of Guinea francs from Youssouf, work on the perimeter wall has finished! This is great news for Nimba as we struggle to keep our projects ongoing and productive on both sides of the Atlantic.

I can't express my excitement when I opened my email and found these photos from El Hadj and Palmate, our dancer/project managers on site at Bentouryah and Bagatai. To illustrate our progress, here's a before and after view:



And, feast your eyes on these gems:
So, all this to say that the little bits DO add up, and, brick by brick, we CAN make Nimba happen!

In other news, Nimba is having a fundraiser dance workshop and doundounba event Saturday, July 13th in Manhattan, so mark your calendars and stay tuned for more info. Wongai!